Wealth is much more than Money.

Wealth has multiple definitions, but today I am limiting this posting to personal and monetary wealth. Today is about the creation of wealth and how to live with it once you have it.  Should you find you already have a seven figure net worth, but are not happy, I suggest you routinely read all of my postings.


This posting is to help you bring wealth to yourself; both monetary and the more esoteric, yet critically important, wealth of happiness. 


Sure, most people can be happy while just getting by financially.   And make no mistake, wealth is no key to happiness.  It can, and often does, bring the opposite.  For wealth without happiness is hollow.


How to Get It


Drawing wealth to yourself is basically a two part endeavor:


                                       * You need to attract the right people.

                                       * You need to be in the right mindset.

You might want to take a look at my posting about the word “trust” here.  For you must trust in yourself so you can attract the right people and bring monetary wealth to yourself.  Easy to say?  Sure.  But the proper mindset is absolutely critical.  Enveloping yourself with positive energy is critical.

Believing in yourself and in your goals is critically important.  Goals are good.  Just don’t burden your goals with hard and fast timetables, as those can be self-inflicted booby traps.

Strong Vision

Envision your life as you would like it to be.  Go to sleep each night with that vision in mind.  Wake up with that vision having played in your head as if it were a movie, repeating itself all night long.  Take a personal time out now and again during the course of the day to allow yourself the necessary time to let your mind clear and to focus on what you desire, where you want to be, and who you want to have included in your vision.

Breathe your vision.  Believe your vision.  Live your vision.  Remove all thoughts of procrastination, for remember, there is no profit in delay.

Carry your vision of your future into the present…into reality.

Stay Focused

There are some tricks you can employ to assist you along the way, but always, always, always keep pointed in the same direction.  Have you achieved a personal goal using trust, goals and a vision?  I invite you to leave a comment about your experience.  If you have not tried this, what is holding you back? Call me and we can talk about this anytime. In the event I am not available then send me a note.


Marco of Carefree

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Negative Energy



Five letters that should mean so much.  Trust, when given without justification will bite you hard every time.  How do you know the people you trust are on your side?

Some of the most devious persons around know how to manipulate a trusting soul into believing in them.  Yet they cannot hide their negative energy.  For this reason you may have a very negative person, or persons, exerting serious influence on you and your well-being right now and not know it.  This influence could be causing you mental, emotional, or even physical anguish.

Sensing Negative Energy

Negative energy stays with each person they touch.  It is detectable by persons sensitive to its existence.  These negative people detest people like me for I sense their presence.

I do not need to see them, communicate with them or be told about them.  I feel their presence as a deep fog, obscuring a person’s vision and keeping you on their path, rather than on your own.  If there is dark energy around you, I will know it. Together, we can identify the source…or sources…and get you free of the negative effect it is having on you.

Difficult but Necessary

You might call me to tell me about a person in your life whom you considered to be your love, or a trusted and close friend.  Yet you are noticing behavior that cannot be explained.  Though there is nothing concrete you can put your finger on, something is telling you that things are not right.  This is where I come in.

Give me a call and we can talk about this.  The information I give you will be precisely what I pick up psychically.  It will be for you to take that information and apply it to your situation.  It is not for me to advise you or instruct you to make changes in your life.  But it is imperative that I give you the information, all of it.  Even if it is not what you had hoped to hear.  Anything else would be a disservice to you and a waste of my inherited God-given gifts.

Marco of Carefree

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It Creeps In…

Insidious Dry Rot is the slow but certain killer of relationships.  It begins innocently and quietly. You can’t see it or hear it, yet it is very real and it is relentless, absolutely relentless. 

Imagine a beautiful black walnut jewelry box.  However, when left neglected and not cared for, out in the elements, over time it becomes the victim of Insidious Dry Rot (“IDR”).  It becomes void of value, ugly and worthless.  In fact, it is more than worthless for the reason it is still there, taking space and drawing attention to itself. IDR does the same thing to relationships.

You might be wondering why he isn’t honest with you. It started somewhere and likely started small. IDR always starts small. 

The Silent Relationship Killer.

IDR has the same effect on relationships as it has on wood.   And it takes just about as long to become apparent. You bit your tongue the first time he left the toilet lid up.  Now it’s up all the time and that’s the least of his ever-increasing, ultra-annoying habits slowly driving you away from him. It works both ways. 

He bit his tongue the first time you wore what he thinks of as “that hideous yellow outfit.” The problem is he didn’t bite hard enough!   Now he hates half of your wardrobe and couldn’t tell you what you wore the day before. In fact, when the two of you are out shopping he can’t remember what you are wearing when you’ve been separated and he is seeking you out. He is no longer looking at you. 

You see, IDR starts small, but it spreads.  Relentlessly, endlessly, until the relationship collapses.  All for lack of transparent honesty between the two of you, often from early in your relationship. 

The foregoing are rather basic examples, but IDR starts with the basics and expands from there until it permeates your relationship to the point you are thinking unpleasant thoughts and making unwarranted and very negative assumptions about him/her all of the time. Thoughts which began with an otherwise innocent overlooking of something which happened to bug you. However, some bug bites you can get over while others can become insidiously destructive.  

What to Do About It.

How do you spot IDR in your life?   More importantly, once you realize you are a victim of IDR, what do you do about it?  To a greater or lesser extent, all of our relationships suffer from IDR.  It becomes a matter of tolerance.  The less contact you have with some persons, the more you seem capable of tolerating the IDR associated with them. 

The greater problem is when IDR is nibbling away at your most important relationships; your partner, your family, your best friends, your close business associates. 

I can help you identify the sources of IDR in your life and together we can begin to explore how to stop it, and, most importantly, reverse it!

I will write about IDR again. 

Let’s talk about this!

Marco of Carefree


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